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PAL&SAM Metal Comb Tear Stain Remover

PAL&SAM Metal Comb Tear Stain Remover

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PAL&SAM Tear Stain Remover - Fine Tooth Metal Comb to Clean Dogs Eye Boogers - Steel Pet Cleaner and Grooming Accessories - Care for Small Dog Breeds like Shih Tzu, Poodle, Yorkie, Goldendoodle and More

  • GOODBYE GUNK: This dog eye comb from PAL&SAM spells the end of eye gunk. Our dog eye booger remover effortlessly glides through short and long fur to remove buildup. For people who care about their pets, this tear stain comb for small dogs is the obvious choice
  • NO PULLING: It’s time to say goodbye to your old painful eye comb for small dogs that rips out hair. PAL&SAM’s tear stain remover comb for dogs features 62 ultra fine stainless steel teeth with rounded ends that won’t pull fur. Place your dog’s comfort front and center with our fine tooth metal dog comb
  • FIGHT TEAR STAINS: People love how our tear stain remover comb helps prevent ugly discolorations before they even occur. With regular use, this tear stain remover for dogs extracts excess liquids that form into crusty gunk. Combat stains at the source with PAL&SAM’s dog tear stain remover clever solution
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: This dog tear stain remover features rock solid design crafted from durable materials; This eye booger remover for dogs is designed by by real animals owners who are passionate about pet health; When you need a fine tooth comb for dogs that will hold up under any conditions, choose PAL&SAM
  • SAFE: Each elephant activity table has undergone stringent quality inspection and hundreds of hours of development; The wooden baby blocks are crafted to the highest standards. The Top Bright promise is this, if we wouldn’t use the activity center for baby ourselves, we won’t sell it
  • EASY CLEAN: Upgrade to a grooming comb for dogs that’s easy to clean; This stainless steel comb can simply be rinsed in warm water with a little soap to remove any excess eye gunk; Spend less time cleaning and more time bonding with your pooch, thanks to PAL&SAM’s dog tear stain remover comb
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